Welcome to my Eagle Scout Project Website and thank you for your interest in my plan.

Boy Scout with hiking stick
My approved project includes two major segments for the benefit of Saint Patrick School and Saint Patrick Church in Fayetteville, NC.

Segment one: Playground Refurbishment

   Additionally, years of tread wear and rain have removed the paint from the hopscotch games on the sidewalk leading to the playground.  Part of my project will be to re-landscape the playground including removal of all grass, weeds, and debris, laying ground cloth to stop further growth and apply a heavy layer of soft mulch.  The PE Teacher has alos asked that I cut back a large area of over grown trees and shrubs to allow for a walking/running path for students and to repaint the three hopscotch games so they are clearly marked.


Segment Two: Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Installation

  Currently the school has one AED located in the gym within the new FLC Building; however, there is no AED in the main school building.  Unfortunately, the FLC is often locked after school, on weekends, and during the summer making the AED inaccessible to the many church and community organization conducting activities at the school building during those times.  To provide this essential emergency response tool, the Principal asked that I purchase and install an AED in the school commons. 


  My project requires approximately $1280.


  I would like to raise the funding by mid-July and with the help of the Troop and friends, complete the project before the new school year in late August.


  I ask for your assistance by donating within your means to my project.  You can one of two ways, the PayPal button below or with a check or money order.  Large or small, your donation is well appreciated and will make a difference.

Recommended Donation Levels
Thank you for your interest in my Scouting journey, my Eagle Scout project, and any consideration toward donating to my cause.
Sincerely, Brian Smith
Please make check or money order out to: Troop 787
and mail to:
141 Wheat Way,
Fayetteville, NC 28314