HAT Happy Hour at the Hyatt

The Hat Society and The Austin-tatious Red Hat Society joined forces to host a happy hour at the Hyatt in honor of Andee Kinzy, hat designer, milliner, and filmmaker from New York City. She was in the area taking footage of hats and hat lovers. The beautifully "chapeau-ed" group gather June 6 at the Hyatt and a wonderful time was had by all.

Caught her with her eyes closed! Yikes!


Duchess Tulip enjoys a good laugh with one of the Hat Society Members.

Now those are elegant hats Jennette, Flo and Nita!

Founding Queen Mother Val enjoys a chat with some of the Hat Society members.


Hats of all color!

Kay, how many hats did you wear that day?

Kay Killen of the Hat Society, Katrinka, and Bobbie

Kay has grand plans for a Hat Society convention here in Austin. Stay tuned for more details!


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