June was Birthday month!

June 9th just happened to be member Susan Marrero's 50th Birthday. To celebrate her graduation from Pink Hat to Red Hat and to celebrate the 6th Month Anniversary of the Austin-tatious Red Hat Society, we had a gift exchange.

Susan Marrero, her mom Ann and daughter Tina.

Susan reads from the "beer mats" presented her on her birthday. A beer mat is what the British call those advertisement coasters you see in bars and is mentioned in Warning, our favorite poem. Our favorite poet, Jenny Joseph is British.

FQM Val presents Susan with a spitting kit now that she so she can follow the guide of our favorite poem.


Love those sunflowers!

First Timers at Red Hat!

Some of our regulars are really colorful!

This is what happens when you don't RSVP to Val that you are coming! The poor manager had to find seats for about 20 more people! Be sure and let Val know if you'll be at the next meeting.

We're all seated but it was crowded and hard on the servers. We all had fun anyway!

This was our Birthday exchange array! Lots of goodies and lots of fun. Let Val know if your birthday falls on meeting day and maybe we can do it again!

As you can see from my captions, I am a poor reporter and don't get names. If you can add the names, please e-mail me and I'll post them. Pat in the Hat, Webmistress


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