Swinging in September!

The Hat that Ate the Queen! What a gorgeous hat! And a gift from her sister made it even sweeter.

QFM Val and Helga who is going to start her own chapter as soon as she gets back to California!


Two generations! Delores and her mother Nadine.

Three generations! Eddye, Ashley her granddaughter's roommate, Stephanie a pink-hat granddaughter, and Leonette, Eddye's daughter.

FQM Val with the FQM Sandra of the new Bodacious Bastrop Bells.

Angel of Mercy Nurse Penny and FQM Val Celebrate all the volunteers for the Korman Run for a Cure!

Patty was visiting from Amarillo where she is a Red Hatter! They have two chapters!

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Pictures from 2003!

Pictures from 2002!

Pictures from 2001!



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