Hot time in the city!

Our theme this month was dealing with the heat and it was right on time! Aug. 7 & 8th set records in Austin. Quite a few of our members got into the spirit and came dressed to show their colors in cool ways!

These gals are cool! Draping yourself in icicles and snowflakes really can make your think you are cooler but we heard that the ice crystal beads on the shorts were tough to sit on!

Our inimitable Clara had a hula gal and palm trees on her hat.

The Duchess of Doyle said these red glasses would make everyone look cool when she took them off! She dressed as a hippy since they were really "cool"!


A tourist who wandered in and took our picture got the normal treatment. We took his!

Jackie won the cool dresser contest with her parasol, and decorated hat. She had her fan, lemonade, and her cup attached to her hat for safe keeping!

Louise gives the Red Hat oath to three new members.

Jan is a first timer who bemoaned not having a hat when she arrived. Then she won the door prize! A beautifully decorated red hat!

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