December's Great Red-uation!
Hail Queen Val!

Our FQM, Val Eff turns 50 this month! We feted her royally at the December meeting as she moves to the Red and Purple.

Val in our new chapter red-uation cape and her magic Queen hat. Ask her about it!

Val reads the birthday wishes from the members. She is holding her new stick to drag along railings.

Kit reads her birthday wishes for Val to the general amusement of the members.

Our resident professional Astrologer, Louise Jenkins, read Val's natal chart and gives us a short explanation of what it contains.

Gayle reads Jenny Joseph's poem that started this all.

Pat Lewis brought Val 3 pounds of sausage just like in the poem and some tortillas so she wouldn't have to fix supper. Little does she know, Val does not cook, Tony does!

Louise presents Val with her astrological reading.

Millie lead the Kazoo band in a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday for all the December birthdays.

Val blew out the candles quickly. 50 candles would take too long to light!

Carol and Clara started cutting while several volunteers passed the very yummy cake to all the members.

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