A Hat Contest to start
the New Year!

Queen Val, What did you say you made that hat out of?

My goodness Kit, is that you under that hat?


Hook 'em Horns!

Elegant fan and a fancy hat!

Norma had a bit of pink champagne for us all on her hat!

This hat won the Austin-tatious category! Pictures of Austin, a bat on the back and of course, road building equipment on the top! How very Austin!

This hat tied for the silliest. That is a can of chewing tobacco and a piece of barbed wire. She called it her "Spitting Hat" and she won the prize from the Queen! A hat made from a pink lace bra!

The other first prize in the silliest was this goggle eyed critter with the antenna. Seems it didn't know whether it was coming or going!


Our winner models the prize hat. She decided to put the straps over her ears but said it was really a "pull up" bra 'cause it pulled her ears up!

Our elegant Jeanette had to try on the special hat as well. Anything looks good on Jeanette!

This hat won the floral decorating category. Poinsettias and sparkly things to mark the new year!

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