A Red-uation! Congrats Kathy!

We celebrated Kathy's big day. FQM Val made her a t-shirt with a clever illustration!

(Val has a copyright on the design so please ask permission before you duplicate.)

We all brought gifts for Kathy including the traditional sausage, beer mats, and of course we held a spitting contest in the outdoor cafe!

Thanks Clara for cutting up all that watermelon! The wait staff at Threadgills loved the leftovers!

Daisy reads the poem for Kathy that Linda wrote.


The Duchess of Doyle made DeDe this cute beaded hat.


Our new members take their Red Hat oath!

Our red-hatted mascot guards the door prizes!

How appropriate Kit! Red Hat does what it can to keep Austin an exciting place to live. Now, where did you find those great fuzzy purple sun glasses?


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