May was all "dolled" up!

Our doll dressing contest drew five entries. Sam is explaining about her Victorian doll crowned hat. She won a prize. First prize went to Lois for her restored Sonja Henie doll with her purple ice skating dress. Our china doll won third and the cute lady firedog was adopted by the chapter as a new mascot!


Kathy and Katrinka visited from the Diva group to tell up about the Convergence planned for October. Our Founding Queen Mother, Sue Ellen Cooper will be attending. Check their web site for more information.

Lady Sadie read a Mother's Day poem.

Our prayers go out to Tony Holmes, husband of our Founding Queen Val. He was involved in a very serious accident on Friday, May 9. Val was unable to attend the meeting because she is keeping watch at the ICU with Tony. Your webmisstres presided instead mostly because she has a very loud voice. :-)

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