August 2004 - Jokes and Songs and So Much More!

How many drawing tickets do you want? Pat is a master ticket seller!

Sally, Lois, and Lady Sadie are regular Red Hatter.

Jokes and stories were the plan for the day! Our gals know some really good ones!

Our South Austin Serenade were very entertaining! Even the Manager had to come see.

Clara's husband joined the singers and did an impromptu dance for us. Those newlyweds are a great matched pair, up for fun anytime!

When the prizes were given for jokes and things, Clara's husband got a chorus line going! He even drug his visiting brother into the act.

We had three new members take the Red Hat Vows and several Pink Hats joined this month! Glad to have you gals!

Jokes were the program and we heard a version of Cat in the Hat never imagined by Dr. Suess.


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