Happy Birthday to Us! We are Three!

Kathy was selling raffel tickets! We had some great prizes!

Valenties and birthdays!
A Red and Purple celebration!

Our birthday cake! It was yummy! Thanks to Carol and Clara for getting it done for us.

Sue and Lois model some of Katy's wonderful hats.

Katy is from Whitefish, Montanta and brought her hats for us to see and buy. Isn't that purple suit wonderful?

Sitting in the corner, checking out the action!

Val and Linda enjoy the show!

The Judy Lee Dancing Dames preformed for us. They modeled Katy's hats while dancing to Second Hand Rose.


Isn't Katy's hat great?

Sue Bilich sang some really great songs for us and told some very funny jokes!

Show Biz! The PA system checked out at 11AM but when they started to dance it would not work! Chaning plugs did the trick and the show went on!

To honor the dancing chicken door prize, the dance troop and some of the Red Hatters did the Chicken Dance! Thanks Judy for a wonderful show!

Singing in the rain!

Our thanks to Dancing Dames Judy Lee, Lois Reinheimer, Nancy Norris, Ellizabeth Miller, Janet Herbert, Jennie Hoff, Nan Harrison, Olivia Modgling, Jan Eslow, and Sue Bilich for a great show. To contact the group, call 454-7118.

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