A Red Hat BOOO to You!

October in Costumes!

One of Threadgill's helpful waitstaff helps Queen Val with the raffle drawing.

Queen Val! What happened to your hair! She said she found it in a small shop in Branson! Likely story, I'll bet Phyllis caught her napping and did her hair!

Norma came as a Red Hatted Rapunzel while Clara is a flashy purple witch.

Cheryl had us all in stitches over her opera singer costume! She made it herself out of one of her excellent thrift store finds.                                                             

Lady Sadie and Linda compare notes on where they got their harem costumes.

Lois shows her creative genius again! Last month it was a hat with leaves and a real potted plant! This month a red satin witch hat with crystal and feathers and Oh My!


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