September is Hat Decorating Month!

Lady Sadie and DeeDee had very colorful hats to wear for the decorating contest.


Lady Sadie got a head start on the Holidays!

Sally's hat had a garden bench and an umbrella. Creative lady!

Almost could not get Lois' picture! I didn't have a wide angle lens. What a hat! Complete with a REAL flower in a flower pot on top.

Linda and Norma try to decide what to order. Do I really want a three veggie plate again?

And after lunch, it's time to gather the cash and pay up!

Norma wins for her patriotic hat to honor Sept. 11.

New members take the Austin-tatious Vows.

These ladies entered the flowered hat category.

Anna had a very fallish hat, the flowers and leaves kept falling off!

Pat has done such a good job of selling raffel tickets that Queen Val give her this special prize. She was thrilled! She has a collection of miniture hats to put on it.


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