Happy Birthday Rita!
A Red-uation to Remember!

Kit's ready in her lilac decorated hat.

We're going to have a party!

Rita's friends brought birthday gifts for the honoree.

Pat did her usual great job of selling our raffle tickets!

Never guess our flashy Clara is well past that 7th decade! What an outfit!

Rita had to pass Val's eye test and she did with flying colors! What in the world did that sign say?

We got our birthday girl all dressed for the festivities. Everyone needs a little help from friends.

How about those legs? Are you sure you are 50 and deserve this red hat?

Rita got the gift of items mentioned in the poem but the chatter got a bit hysterical when we got to that sausage…. If you missed it, ask Rita.

Lois had some sage advice for what to put in the boxes. Our congrats to Lois and her husband, 50 years married this month! And she can still wear her wedding dress! Guess it's all that dancing Lois.

Good food, good friends, good fun! An Austin-tatious Saturday!



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