Who are YOU? Fake names and fancy outfits, it's Incognito Day!

Ask QM Val why we ate cookies — Clever gal our Val!

Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman dropped by with a 40-year old Diva.

This Mixed Up Madam arrived with one of the dance hall girls. (Wink, wink)

Little Miss Sunshine had a bit of problem with her foot!


I didn't know Greek myths used cameras, Medusa. Seems she is having a problem while our Diva and Marilyn Monroe look on.

We may be incognito, but it's all about good friend and having fun!

The Queen of the House showed up and was greeted by Marilyn Monroe.

Medusa had her snakes under control thank heavens! No one turned to stone!

A purple cat and the Birthday Queen celebrated good friends while Miss Piggy and a poka-dotted princess enjoyed the day as well.


Miss Sunshine read us a joke to send us home laughing!


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