Reminiscing in September

This month we brought pictures of when we were younger and laughed at ourselves or marveled at how little (or much) our faces have changed.

Ha! Took your picture anyway Loretta!

Pat, did you see that lizard? Roberta, there is a purple lizard on your shoulder!

It was Lady Sadie's 80th Birthday this month so she wore red with a sort of purple hat! Her daughter and granddaughter joined us in pink and lavender. Thanks so much for the yummy cake!

Pink Hat Daughter Shelly looks on as QMVal pins a Birthady Girl button on Lady Sadie.

Shelly, Juliana, and Lady Sadie, three generations of Red Hatters!

Norma said this great hat was made from a Christmas ornament. She really knows how to get into the swing of being a Red Hatter!

Robert Skiles of Beto y los Fairlanes was doing a promo shot at Threadgills and decided that the Austin-tatious Society needed to be in his photo shoot. This is how the pros look. Here is Robert with his new "girl friends."

Yum! That was great cake!


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