In her Easter bonnet…

My thanks to Clara and Bob for taking these pictures. I was at the Founder's Day Arts and Crafts fair in Dripping Springs. Looks as if I missed a really fun meeting!

DeDe what a cute hat!

Lois, did you know you have a rabbit on your head? Opps, the basket is upside down!

Norma's butterflies are very docile today or that hat would have left!

FQM Val joined the party! Good to see you Val!

Newcomers, mother and daughter!

Threadgill's waitstaff takes good care of us!

Clara, Val, and Carol, Red Hatter Friends!


Lois, Cheryl and someone whose face I can't see won the hat decorating contest.

Bob and Clara went to an Easter Dance at the Senior Citizens Center. They look pretty festive, don't they?



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