Benjamin is 6! Granddaddy and Grandma sent him a Tonka truck. (2004)

Grandma said she wanted a picture of Ben so he got Mommy's digital camera and took one!! (2004)

Ben wanted to be Dracula for Halloween. (Oct. 2003)

Ben got a special Lego set for Christmas last year. (2003)

Ben's Kindergarten class had a PJ day so Ben got new Spiderman pajamas to wear.


Ben is getting very big.
November 2000

Ben built this tower all by himself.

Ben loves to go to the park and play on the equipment. Here he is in his Pooh hat.

Ben got his own jungle gym for his second birthday.

Ben is not too sure about blowing out that candle.

Ben's Momma Nell Patterson loves to garden and Ben is helping with the phlox. Well, he thinks he is helping.

Gardening with Momma Nell is fun!

Benjamin gets to go out in the snow on his own for the first time. (1999)

What a nice day to blow soap bubbles!

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