The Holloway and Higgins families moved to Texas from Tennessee early in the 20th Century. They settled around Corsicana, Texas.


There is no date on this picture, but from the dresses, I'd say it was before 1920. From left to right in front are Jennie Higgins Cornelison(sp?), Mary Freedonia Candice Higgins Holloway, "Aunt Babe" Higgins Millerman, and Benton Higgins. The back row is Tom Holloway, Haden Holloway, John Millerman, and Porter P. Holloway.


Thomas Woodfin Holloway and a grandson who would not sit still. It may be Philip Gibson or Eugene Holloway.

Alice Virginia Holloway married George Holloman. She was a school teacher and never had any children of her own. They called her Aunt Al.

Aunt Al was quite a beauty and very fashionable. Her niece Merle says that she died her hair coal black all her life. She was also know for ample use of creams and potions to keep her skin young.

Mary Freedonia Candice Higgins Holloway and a grandson. It may be Philip or Edgar.

The back of this picture says "How do yo like the looks of these 3 guys - made during the snow." From the clothing, I'd guess in the 1930's or early 40's.

Porter Pony Holloway, Philip Gibson, and Haden Holloway

A gathering of Holloway's in Corsicana.
Front row left:
Merle held by Eugene Gibson her father

Tall man at the top left with the mustache is Thomas W. Holloway, next to him is Porter Holloway. Down below and to the left is an unidentified woman, then Bob Holloway.

In the middle, Alice Holloway Holliman "Aunt Al" is in the dark dress. The man to the left of her may be her husband, George Holliman.
Mary Candice Higgins Holloway is in the middle, behind her granddaughter, Mae Alice Holloway.
Last woman kneeling on the right is Edna Holloway Gibson

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