Owens, Crane, and Gaughan

Hugh H. Owens came to the United States with his brother Charles and sister Anna in 1875. Family legend says that Charles was in trouble with the British authorities so the three siblings decided to immigrate from their home in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland. They landed in Baltimore and made their way to Chicago. There Hugh met Sarah Crane, another Irish immigrant, and they were married on New Years Day, 1877.

The Crane and Gaughan families had immigrated from County Mayo on the northwest coast of Ireland. It is believed they lived in the city of Westport and Michael Crane, Sarah's father, was a salvage diver. Her mother, Bridget was a Gaughan and several members of her family came together from Ireland.

Family legend says that Anna also married in Chicago but her first husband died. She married again and the family lost track of her. Charles migrated with the Owens, Gaughan, and Crane families to southern Kansas where they homesteaded.

Family legend says that Charles was unhappy as a farmer. One night he took the wagon and team of horses and left. No trace has ever been found of him though several members of the family have tried to trace him.

Earlton Kansas and the Crane-Gaughan cemetery Early pictures of Hugh and Sarah
Pictures of the Owens clan Owens Cousins at reunions
The Thomas and Ethel Hainline Owens family PDF file of the descendents of Maurice Owens, born before 1800 in Ireland, the oldest relative we have a record of.
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