Here above Sulfur Creek...
by Pat Gibson

Beginning in 1983, I wrote a column for The Onion Creek Free Press of Buda, Texas. At first, it was just a bit of local news like who had a new baby or had out of town guests. As time went on and Dripping Springs began to grow, people began to ask if I would add things like club announcements and when the school board would be meeting. When news was slow, I wrote about my family and raising children in the Hill Country. The owners of the paper decided that we should begin regular news coverage so my creative writing stopped for a while. Later, when I moved to The North Hays County Springer in Dripping Springs, I began to write a personal column about living here in the Texas Hill Country.

For the next several years, I wrote Above Sulfur Creek about the birds and the plants, the weather and the unique area that is the Texas Hill Country. I hope you will take some time to read some of these columns. Some are good, some mediocre and some just plain bad but I make no apologies for any of them. Given the time constraints of writing a weekly newspaper column, and the demands of a full time, working mother, I think they were pretty good. I have made some minor alterations when the timeliness of a piece or its historical allusions would make it difficult to understand. Just choose a topic and enjoy.Thank You,
Pat Gibson

Please notice that these columns are copyrighted. If you wish to purchase reprint rights please contact me at the e-mail address given above.

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