Our Family

The Crew

Sulfur Creek marks the eastern boundary of the Gibson's home place in Hays County. It has been the site of picnics, swimming parties and hours of imaginative play by the five Gibson children. When they were small, we referred to them as The Crew and each had a number when we were discussing them over the CB radio. They are grown now and scattered across the country. If you are interested, there are more pictures beyond these thumbnails.

We don't often get all five of them at home but in the summer of 1999, they were all here.

Mary visited Sarah and Dennis in Europe in 2000. Here are some pictures.

The Grandchildren

The two who are married have given us four fine grandson's so far. All four have names beginning with B so Brandon, the oldest, dubbed them Gran's B-Boys. Here are some pictures.

Click here for a picture of David and Penny.David and his wife Penny live in Edmond, Oklahoma, with their son, Ben. David works for Course Technologies. Click here for a picture of Charlie.Charlie is working in radio here in Austin. He can be reached by e-mail.
Click here for a picture of the Smith Family.Sarah is married to Captain Dennis Smith, United States Army. They have three boys, Brandon, Bradley and Brian. They can be reached by e-mail. Dennis will be teaching at Campbell University in North Carolina. The family will be living in Fayettteville, NC. Mary is a Paralegal. She works at Sematech in Austin. She can be reached by e-mail.
Click here for a picture of Ann.Ann is a schooled chef and works for Eagle Global Logistics. She lives in Round Rock, Texas. John and I had our picture taken for the church directory.

Our Gibson, Holloway, and Higgins Ancestors

I have been working on genealogy off and on for a couple of years. Here are some pictures of our Gibson family. It is an on going project.

Our Knighton, Owens, Hainline, and Mirandy Ancestors

To be added later.

100 Years Ago…

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